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Reading - GivEnergy (5.2 kWh) (May '21)

Posted by Spirit Energy on 01 May 2021

GivEnergy batteries in loft

At the end of May 2021 Spirit Energy installed and commissioned, for Mr M, a 5.67 kWp solar PV system paired with a GivEnergy 5 kW hybrid inverter and 5.2 kWh of battery storage.

At the time of installation, the client’s electricity consumption was relatively low at approximately 5kWh per day. From the outset it was apparent that a key feature of the installation was ensuring that Mr M could offset his electricity usage, as closely as possible, solely from solar and battery storage. However, the client was also aware that in the future his electricity consumption would likely increase and so wanted a modular system that is easily expandable. This helps to future proof the home, without a very high initial cost, as a modular system can be designed for the current electricity consumption and then only expanded via the modular design as and when further storage capacity is needed to meet the increase in electricity usage.

As such it was decided that the best component selection would be a GivEnergy 5kW hybrid inverter paired with two GivEnergy 2.6 kWh battery units to give the client a total storage capacity of 5.2 kWh. The client was also very keen to maximise his available roof space and install solar PV panels across both the east and west elevations, to give a wide window of generation and to maximise the amount of clean energy he could generate. Installing the maximum number of panels is oversized to the current usage and available battery storage capacity, however given the fixed number of costs in a solar installation and an expectation that his energy consumption would rise in the future, it was decided to install the maximum number of panels; 10 on the east and 8 on the west elevation.

Mr M GivEnergy battery graph

The screenshot of the system performance for one day very shortly after the installation, taken from Mr M’s online monitoring platform, shows that the system is performing well and meeting the client’s initial design brief. On this particular day, the solar PV panels generated 22 kWh of clean energy and of this energy approximately 30% was either used immediately on site or charged to the battery, with the remaining 70% being exported to the grid. The total electricity consumption for the day was 4 kWh and 98% of the demand was met with solar used immediately or charged/discharged from the battery. 

The patterns exhibited on this day are fairly typical for this property and, in the first three months after the installation, 95.4% of the home’s demand was met with clean energy and only required 4.6% of grid import. If signed up to the SEG scheme, Mr M will have powered his home and profited roughly £60 during this period from the solar generation that was exported. Including the savings from offsetting his grid electricity import, the total financial gains are likely to be in the region of £150 for the first three months. This may not sound like a huge economic advantage, but given the system is guaranteed to last at least 10 years and energy prices are continuing to rise, the cumulative savings over the lifetime of the system will be substantial.

Black Spirit van outside house

In the past couple of months, the home’s electricity demand has increased and the client has been keenly monitoring the system via the dedicated GivEnergy platform, saying "we are happy with the savings and actually I am looking at expanding the battery storage." The main driver for this would be to decrease the amount of solar generation exported to the grid, but more importantly to once again match the storage capacity to the daily consumption and to have autonomy from the grid. Due to the modular design of the batteries this can easily and cost effectively be done. 

Please get in touch with Spirit if you are interested in designing the ideal battery storage solution for your home. 

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Quick stats
PV panels 18 x Longi 315W
Battery 2 x GivEnergy 2.6kWh Eco Li-Ion
Charger GivEnergy Hybrid 5kW inverter
Key function Solar utilisation
Other functionality App + web based monitoring, off-peak charging