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£5,000 giveaway for SMEs from the Carbon Trust... could your business benefit?

Erica Charles 27 Sep 2017

Did you know that the Green Business Fund will provide a non-refundable capital contribution of 15% of project costs, up to £5,000 towards the cost of energy efficiency measures such as LED lighting upgrades and solar PV? 

The Green Business Fund has already paid out non-repayable capital contributions supporting a total of £9 million of energy saving investments

SMEs and state schools qualify for the funding, and for state schools, for LED lighting upgrades, Salix funding can be used to finance the balance of the project.  

Spirit is an accredited supplier for the funding.  If you think your business could benefit, please get in touch.  Or pass on our one page flier if you know an SME or school that would benefit....


The Green Business Fund is open to SMEs (definition below) in England, Scotland and Wales, whilst funding lasts. It is also open to maintained state schools and private schools.

The top three sectors benefitting from the Green Business Fund and the technologies being most commonly implemented are as follows: 

Top 3 Sectors Top 3 Technologies
1 Manufacturing 1 Lighting
2 Wholesale 2 Solar PV
3 Retail 3 Heating


LED lighting upgrades typically have a payback time of 2-5 years, so  it is not surprising that lighting upgrades are soaking up the bulk of the finance. The biggest savings (up to 70%) tend to be made in warehouses where metal halide high bay lights burn energy (and can present a fire risk)....  but offices and schools can also cut their lighting bills by 50%.

If you don't work for an SME, you may know a cash strapped state primary school....

Now you may not work for an SME, but you may well know a local state primaryNews out this week says that one third of our state primaries are in cash deficit, so they really could do with saving some money on their energy bills. If you know a state primary with inefficient fluorescent lighting, it's worth getting in touch.

Of course if they are in cash deficit there is potentially an issue of how they are going to fund the other 85% of the upgrade.  Luckily there is Salix finance to bridge the gap... Salix finance provides interest free loans of up to 8 years.  So state primaries can make lighting upgrades at no upfront cost, get 15% of the project funded for free, and then pay off the rest from the savings they make from the lighting.

So if you know one of the many heads who must be lying awake at night wondering how to balance the budget and keep the lights on, you could show them the way to saving a few hundreds or even thousands on their lighting bill.  We do all the work and they save money. Money that could be better spent on books or computer equipment or sports, or music etc.... it is clear that in this age of budget cuts every little helps....

Here are some single page fliers about the finance:


Carbon Trust Finance for SME's

eBook_orange.jpg Download now


Finance for State Schools eBook_orange.jpg Download now


Eligibility criteria - SME definition

Note that the school or SME must be located in England, Scotland or Wales (and for us to install, must be within a 60 mile radius of Reading, but there are other installers to cover other areas).  It must have no more than 250 employees and, for a business, its turnover must be less than £25.9 million per annum, with net assets below £12.9 million.


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