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10 Years of Spirit Energy: A Timeline

David Woon · 28 Jan 2020

As it’s our 10th birthday today, we felt that it would only be right to reflect on some of the most significant moments of our lifetime. It has been a decade of change within the company and the world of renewable energy, with shifting government incentives, growing awareness of climate change and improving technology. The makeup of Britain's electricity supply has changed dramatically over recent years, with approximately a third of the energy now coming from renewable sources. As Spirit continues to grow we will hopefully see the number of homes and businesses generating their own free and clean electricity increase, helping to further decarbonise the UK’s energy mix.

The timeline illustrates some of the key events which have shaped our company.

Spirit 10 year timeline

Vishal, our Operations Director, summed up his time at the company:

'The last 10 years has seen Spirit grow from strength to strength and it has been an absolute pleasure to be involved in building the brand. We have adapted very well to an ever changing landscape in the UK for renewables and I feel the best is yet to come for solar, EV and storage.

Over the past 10 years we have demonstrated our technical ability can be applied to all types of projects, from customised triangular panels above a rhino enclosure through to unique high rise solar facades and everything in between. Focusing on both the new build construction industry and the domestic sector has allowed us to keep on top of the solar market as a whole, as we continue to offer the best advice and products to our valued customers.'

Thank you to all our clients for their support over the last ten years, and in the next to come!


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