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Choosing an Electric Car Charger for a Commercial New Build Specification

Erica Charles Jul 9, 2018 4:52:40 PM

If you are involved in electrical specifying, it’s only a matter of time before you are going to have to specify electric car chargers as standard on many of your commercial sites.


Whether you are installing a single commercial chargepoint, or a multi-site network, there are a few things you need to consider when choosing a charger brand and model.


We’ve written a 2 minute guide below:

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Topics: EV charging, EVBox

Electric car charging points installation: focus on EV Box

Erica Charles Mar 16, 2018 8:36:36 AM

By 2020, a business with 100 employees can expect to have 10 employees with an electric car

It is hardly surprising that we are gradually seeing the inclusion of EV charging points in new build specifications, both residential and commercial.  

If you are needing to specify EV chargers in a project, what functionality should you look for, and which brand should you choose?

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Topics: EV charging, EVBox