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Spirit attends the exclusive London launch of Tesla Powerwall 2

Spirit Energy Aug 10, 2017 5:18:27 PM

Held at the Tesla flagship store in London, Mauricio and Mark from our technical team were invited to attend the launch night of Powerwall 2. Whilst the Tesla event provided a little more glitz than the renewable energy industry usually affords, behind it is a product that we really believe is worth the hype.

powerwall 2 launch.jpgHow can Powerwall 2 benefit me?

The latest version of Tesla’s successful battery is, in our opinion, way ahead of the competition. It has by far the largest capacity of any domestic battery as well as numerous other exciting features. Tesla Powerwall 2 promises to revolutionise the way we purchase electricity by incorporating an off-peak charging function in addition to charging from solar power

If you have solar PV…..

For those of you with solar PV you will be well aware that if your house is empty for the majority of daylight hours, with residents at work or school, then you may not be getting the most out of the energy you generate. For the typical household, energy usage is highest during ‘peak’ evening hours, not when the sun is shining and your solar array is generating most efficiently. Battery storage solves this problem by capturing unused energy. This energy which would normally be exported back to the grid is instead diverted to your battery storage unit (such as Tesla Powerwall 2) so you can use it when you need it.

If you are on the recent, lower Feed in Tariff rates, then your generated electricity is worth more to you if you consume it yourself. By increasing self consumption of solar power you can dramatically cut your electricity bills; the more of your own energy you utilise, the less you need to buy.

If you dont have solar…..

Powerwall 2 is capable of off-peak energy charging. This is an exciting feature if you are on the Economy 7 tariff for your electricity supply. The Economy 7 tariff offers different electricity rates for different times of day on an on-peak/off-peak basis. Electricity usage at peak morning and evening times is charged at a higher rate than off-peak times, eg between 11pm and 6am. Installing Powerwall 2 will allow those on the Economy 7 tariff to buy cheap and use peak. By charging the battery overnight when rates are at their lowest, and discharging at peak times, you can cut your electricity bills significantly.

We are your certified Tesla installer!

powerwall 2.jpg

Due to the success of its predecessor, Tesla has informed us stock is limited. Installations will be allocated on a first come first served basis, starting in May. Pre-order now to secure your Powerwall 2 installation!


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