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Spirit launches new website www.spiritenergy.co.uk

Erica Charles Sep 10, 2017 2:49:30 PM

Spirit Solar Ltd was launched at the end of 2009 as a residential solar installer.  Since then our client base has expanded to include contractors, housebuilders, corporates, schools, colleges, universities, councils and community groups, as well as hundreds of private individuals.

And our product offering has evolved beyond solar PV to include battery storage for solar and for back-up, off-grid systems, electric vehicle chargers, voltage optimisation and LED lighting and control systems.  We offer consultancy, feasibility studies and servicing and maintenance.

But, like hairdressers whose own hair looks a bit of a mess, we haven't been very good at keeping our website up-to-date. And for a while now our brand Spirit Solar hasn't quite given the full picture of the day-to-day of our company. In other words, we've been busy techies excited by the fundamental changes taking place in our industry as the UK moves to a decentralised and energy system, we've been burning the midnight oil, but we've been too busy to keep up with the housekeeping...

Not any more.  We have re-branded as Spirit Energy, re-written our website www.spiritenergy.co.uk and are pleased to shout a little louder about the breadth of our product offering, the depth of our client base, and all of the projects we have been proud - and continue to be proud - to be involved in.

As always we would welcome your feedback on our new site. 

Erica Charles, MD

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