Aidan Murphy

Technical Design/Sales

Aidan graduated from Loughborough University with a First class master's in Physics with his work being published in scientific journals for his research in the fields of superconductivity and nano electronics. After graduating, Aidan worked briefly in research with aims of completing a PhD and collaborated with research institutions across the world to further the modelling of neuro-electrical activity.

After taking a break from research, Aidan went on to sell electron microscope equipment to global research departments and academic institutes. After this he went on to sell lab equipment managing the Northern European territory.

Aidan joined Spirit Energy as a technical sales representative in 2023 following a passion for renewable energy and sustainability. He works primarily in the commercial sector helping companies to achieve carbon neutrality and reduce their impact on the environment. 

In his spare time Aidan likes to cycle, go to the gym and play board games. 

Aidan Murphy - Technical Design Sales - Spirit Energy [Compressed]
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