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What Happens to a Solar PV System During a Solar Eclipse?

Charlie McGibbon · 08 Apr 2024

If you're out and about in Wales or Scotland later this evening, you might notice that rare phenomenon, a solar eclipse! Albeit not a total one - but what impact might such an occurrence have on your solar panel system?


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Do Solar Panels Increase the Value of Your Home in 2024?

Charlie McGibbon · 26 Mar 2024

One of the many advantages to installing a solar system in your home is not just cheaper energy bills but the value it can add to your house price. While bearing in mind concepts such as payback period and sustainability, it's also important to understand that a solar system is not a sunk cost, it is a physical addition to your property that has intrinsic value. However, the ways in which solar adds value can be poorly understood even by real estate agents, and the estimates on how much they can increase your property's value can vary quite a bit.


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Is Solar Worth it in 2024?

Charlie McGibbon · 07 Mar 2024

So, you're considering adding solar panels to your home, but you're still unsure if you really want to make the investment. Perhaps you're concerned about the upfront cost and whether it's truly worth it, or if the money could be better invested elsewhere. Well, in this post, we break down whether solar is still worth it in 2024.


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Spirit Energy Given Tesla Premium Installer Status for 2024

Charlie McGibbon · 23 Feb 2024

Spirit Energy has been given Premium Installer status in the UK for 2024, cementing our place in the upper percentiles of Tesla Powerwall installers once again and making us a top choice to help put you on the path to sustainable energy.


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Can I install Solar Panels on an Old Roof?

Luke Pemberton · 30 Jan 2024

To find out what constraints having an older roof puts on your potential solar installation, we asked Tok Charles, a Technical Designer here at Spirit some questions that anyone might have.


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Can I Take my Solar Panels With Me When I Move?

Luke Pemberton · 22 Jan 2024

In summary, yes! But you probably shouldn’t. Here’s why:


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Spirit Energy are now a Which? Trusted Trader

Charlie McGibbon · 15 Jan 2024

Following a rigorous assessment, Spirit Energy are now endorsed by Which? as a Which? Trusted Trader. 

To achieve this, we had to demonstrate our expertise in our industry, and agree to abide by the Which? code of conduct which guarantees our customers will receive the high standard of care they've come to expect both of Spirit Energy and companies endorsed by the Which? brand.


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Battery Installations to Qualify for 0% VAT

Charlie McGibbon · 11 Jan 2024

In December last year, it was announced by the government that battery only installations will qualify for 0% VAT from the 1st February 2024. Previously, battery installations were only exempt when installed alongside a solar PV system. This makes it the perfect time to consider a battery installation in your home, whether you have an existing solar installation or not.


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Planning Permission for Flat Roof Solar Panels.

Charlie McGibbon · 22 Dec 2023

Recently, the Government announced a series of measures aimed at cutting red tape around the installation of solar panels. One of these was removing the planning regulation requirement around installing solar panels on domestic flat roofs, bringing this in line with commercial properties. But if you have a domestic flat roof and are looking to take advantage of this new state of affairs, what other considerations should you bear in mind?


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What Happens if it Rains on Solar Panels?

Charlie McGibbon · 28 Nov 2023

So, after an extended summer, the rain and snow are upon us. But how do solar panels cope in rainy weather? Can water ingress cause problems? And what about snow or hail?


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