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Tesla Powerwall 3 changes the game for DNO

Luke Pemberton · 19 Jul 2024

When you install a solar and/or battery system with an inverter output over 3.68 kW, you will need to apply for and gain permission from your local Distribution Network Operator (DNO).


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What Does the Energy Price Cap Mean for Solar Panel Investment?

Charlie McGibbon · 02 Jul 2024

You'll have probably heard on the news the announcement that the Ofgem energy price cap has been lowered once again, going from 24.5p per kWh to 22.36p per kWh, but does this mean energy prices are going to continue to go down and what does this mean for those considering an investment in solar panels?


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Election 2024: How do the Parties Line up on Net Zero and Solar?

Charlie McGibbon · 28 Jun 2024

So, there's less than a week to go until the 2024 election. While Labour are predicted to gain the biggest majority for any party since 1920 and issues of immigration and cost of living are dominating the agenda, we look in more depth at the net zero commitments of each of the parties and the impact their policies may have on the solar industry.


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Tesla Powerwall 3 - How Does it Compare to Powerwall 2?

Alicja Kopinska · 18 Jun 2024



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What Could the UK Version of Tesla's Powerwall 3 Look Like?

Luke Pemberton · 14 Jun 2024

This is the only photo that we have of the Powerwall 3, taken when one of our technicians visited Tesla at the ExCel in London. 


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How do Solar Panels Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

Alicja Kopinska · 12 Jun 2024

Solar panels produce electricity from the sun’s rays, which means there is no greenhouse gas emissions or pollution, unlike with burning coal, natural gas or any other fossil fuels. This can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and help with the fight against global warming. 


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How Do Clouds Affect Solar Panel Output?

Charlie McGibbon · 05 Jun 2024

For some, investing in solar panels in the unsettled climate of the British Isles might seem counterintuitive, but it is still a worthwhile investment. However, weather does impact the performance of solar panels, read on to find out how a solar panel system in the UK will perform come rain or shine.


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Why is Your Roof like an Empty Buy-to-Let Flat?

Tok Charles · 22 May 2024

If your buy-to-let flat were empty, it would be your absolute priority to get a tenant in – because once it’s occupied, it’s effortless passive income. Your roof is the same, it has the potential to be turned into an energy-generating business. Every day that it’s not got solar on, you’re losing money on expensive electricity bills, and you’re missing out on making additional money from selling your solar generation back to the grid.  


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Why the National Grid Capacity is First Come, First Serve.

Tok Charles · 22 May 2024

Why do we have to apply for permission to connect to the grid?

When you install a solar/battery system larger than 3.68kW per phase, you must submit an application, usually G99, for permission to connect the system from your local Distribution Network Operator (DNO). Most solar installers will do this application on your behalf, usually after you’ve settled on a final system design. 


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Can You Really Get Free Solar Panels?

Charlie McGibbon · 02 May 2024

Solar panels for most homeowners are a large investment. The solar market has changed drastically since the shock to energy prices in 2022 and an increasing number of companies are offering free solar panel installation. This is often a marketing ploy to entice you to sign up and give them your precious data; but of course without a grain of truth they would not be allowed to advertise such offers. With marketing tactics among solar panel installers heating up as the market gets tougher and brokers being increasingly aggressive, here is a rundown on what to bear in mind when enticed by such an offer. 


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