Luke Pemberton

Media Manager & Technical Design/Sales

Hi, I'm Luke.

My role at Spirit is amongst the most varied. With my responsibilities including writing blogs, keeping on top of website maintenance and upkeep, videography, more 'informal' photography (when it doesn't quite make sense to get a professional!). I also often step into a technical design role when necessary. The combination of all of these, I like to think, has put me in a role that is completely and utterly surrounded by geeky technology. Whether it's solar panels, EV's and inverters, or computers, cameras, and CAD software. If you ever want to chat about tech, I'm probably your guy (though it seems that's a common trait around the office).

When I'm not trying to find an excuse to use some cool new tech in the office, I spend my time playing football and tennis, listening to a lot of music, travelling, or studying for my University course in Brighton which I do at the same time as working for Spirit. Between everything, I don't find much free time, but to be honest, that's probably the way I like it.

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