Najey Rifai

Technical Design/Support

I've worked for Spirit since early 2021, when I joined as a technical salesman. I started off quoting for domestic and commercial sales, but soon settled into specialising in commercial. After a while I realised that I enjoyed and excelled at the design aspect of the job, so in mid 2023 I transitioned to a mostly design and process related role.

In my current position I apply for connections and negotiate with the DNO, I simulate and design systems to meet certain demands, I work on optimising the back-end sales process, and I provide general entertainment around the office!

Outside of work, I'm a keen crafter, focusing on making puzzles and musical instruments. I'm a devoted member of my local community workshop, having recently been elected into directorship, where I help manage and organise the goings-on of the workshop. I also attend a society where I help preserve the ancient craft of stickdressing.

As well as this I'm a keen outdoorsman with a special interest in ancient monuments. I run a TikTok page called Wells, Springs, and Ancient Things where I showcase wells and springs across the UK. 

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