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Ashtead, Surrey - 5.9 kWp (Jun '19)

Posted by Spirit Energy on 12 Jan 2020

solar panels drone 2

In June 2019, Spirit installed a 5.94kWp PV system for a customer in Ashtead.

Mr H opted for an integrated solar system, so we replaced a proportion of the concrete tiles with GSE mounting and 18 LG panels. The array is expected to generate 5,845kWh of clean solar energy a year.

To achieve DNO permission for this installation, we had to implement an export limitation of 4kWp to protect the connected grid infrastructure. This means that if the system were producing at the maximum with little power used on site, the inverter would automatically reduce generation to a limit of 4kWp being exported.

Despite this, most of the excess generation is soaked up by the Tesla Powerwall we also installed. Mr H says that the time-shifting import power feature of the battery has had 'a huge impact on our winter costs'.

The aerial photographs on this page were kindly provided by Mr H.

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Quick stats
Location Ashtead
System Size 5.94 kWp
Panel model 18 x LG 300W
Inverter model Solis 6k
Annual output 5,845 kWh