Solar PV Case Studies

Cobham, Surrey - 5.4 kWp (Jan '19)

Posted by Spirit Energy on 20 May 2019


In January 2019, Spirit installed an in-roof PV system for a new build in Surrey. The property has a number of roof orientations, but the system was designed and installed on the south facing roof to give the best possible performance. The system installed consists of 18 x Longi 300W panels sloped at 40 degrees, giving a system size and peak power of 5.4kWp. This is estimated to equate to an annual output of 5,319kWh per year.

In addition to the PV array a Tesla Powerwall 2 was installed to store excess energy generated from the system for later use, thus increasing the PV output used on site. With the addition of the battery it is predicted that the generation used on site will increase from 36% to 86% and that the annual use supplied by the solar (used alongside the Powerwall 2) will be approximately 67%.

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Quick stats
Location Surrey
System Size 5.4 kWp
Panel model 18 x Longi 300W
Inverter model Growatt 5000k 
Annual output 5,319 kWh