Solar PV Case Studies

Salisbury, Wiltshire - 5.4 kWp (May '18)

Posted by Spirit Energy on 20 May 2019


In May 2018, Spirit installed a 5.4kWp in-roof PV array in Salisbury.  The panels are mounted in the place of tiles on roof-integrated supports. The roof is orientated to face directly south and with a slope angle of 42 degrees, allowing for high levels of solar energy absorption during daylight hours. The array consists of 18 Perlight 300W panels using one Solax 5k inverter. The expected generation is 5,238kWh per year.

One Tesla Powerwall 2 was installed simultaneously to allow generation and storage to work in tandem. It is expected that the annual use supplied by solar will increase to 75%, compared to 30% without a storage element.

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Quick stats
Location Salisbury
System Size 5.4 kWp
Panel model 18 x Perlight 300W
Inverter model Solax 5k
Annual output 5,238 kWh