Solar PV Case Studies

Newbury, Berkshire - 6.72 kWp - (November '23)

Posted by Spirit Energy on 16 Apr 2024


In November of 2023 we installed a 6.72 kWp solar system for Mr G of Newbury, Berkshire. The system was installed with REC 420 panels and a Solis inverter with a Tesla Powerwall 2 so Mr G could get the most value out of the solar he generates, storing it up in the day for later use during the evening and night.


The size of the system and the addition of the battery allows the property to drastically reduce its energy bills as well as export a significant amount of the energy generated back to the grid. The payback period for Mr G is expected to be just 9 years.

Additionally, we installed a zappi charger to allow for the charging of Mr G's electric vehicles from the power he generates.



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Quick stats
Location Berkshire
System size 6.72  kWp
Panel model REC 420W
Inverter model Solis S6
Battery Tesla Powerwall 2
Charger MyEnergi Zappi
Annual output 6606 kWh