Solar PV Case Studies

Wokingham, Berkshire - 6.23 kWp (Aug '23)

Posted by Spirit Energy on 04 Jun 2024

In August of 2023 we installed a Tesla Powerwall 2 to complete the 6.23 kWp PV installation we had installed some months previously for Mr Y. of Wokingham.

The first stage of the installation consisted of 15 Trina panels, and will generate approximately 5300 kWh of electricity per year, that's well over 1 ton in COsavings annually. Mr Y. also wisely opted for bird mesh protection to prevent birds from nesting on the system, a common problem that's easy to prevent with a specialised bird mesh.

The financial savings will be boosted by the Tesla Powerwall 2 allowing more of the energy generated to be used on site.

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Quick stats
Location Berkshire
System size 6.23 kWp
Panel model Trina 415W
Inverter model Solis
Annual Generation 5200 kWh