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Bramley, Hampshire - Powerwall 2 - (Nov '23)

Posted by Spirit Energy on 15 Apr 2024


Mr.RPowerwallIn November of 2023 we installed a Tesla Powerwall 2 and accompanying gateway for Mr R. in Bramley, Hampshire. The Powerwall should provide 3.68kW of energy at a 5kW charge rate.

Not attached to an existing PV system, Mr. R is taking advantage of increasingly generous flexible tariffs to charge his battery during times when energy is cheap and use the stored energy on peak, in order to save big on his energy bills.

Such tariffs increasingly make battery only installations a good financial proposition, and by easing the pressure on the grid during peak times, you're still helping Britain go green even without solar. For more information, get in touch with us on the number above.


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Quick stats
Location Hampshire
Battery Model Tesla Powerwall 2