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Bracknell - GivEnergy (9.5 kWh + 5.2kWh) (Dec '23)

Posted by Spirit Energy on 09 Feb 2024

At the end of last year we installed an additional 5.2kWh battery for Mr A of Bracknell, to compliment his existing 9.5kWh battery and PV system.


This GivEnergy system operates on a modular basis unlike the Tesla Powerwall 2 or the GivEnergy All-in-One system, so allows you to vary your setup according to your needs.

Mr A had this to say about the install and his experience of the GivEnergy system:

"I am so happy I went with British made GivEnergy battery, that I ended up having a second battery which was easily integrated with the main battery.  

Why am I happy with GivEnergy:-

1. Straight forward installation

2. The app is easy to configure 

3. I have programmed via the GivEnergy app to charge my batteries each night when off peak rates kick in.  

4. In day time my house runs on the battery and if sun is out then solar kicks in and runs the house and maintains my battery charge.  App picture as attached. 

5. In the app I have also connected the Octopus program name and the app picks up the charge rate. 

Finally very happy with post support from Spirit Energy and also instant support from GivEnergy team direct. "

Below you can see the GivEnergy app, which allows Mr A to monitor his battery charge and energy consumption from wherever he is.


GivEnergy Battery App


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Quick stats
Location Berkshire
Key Function Off Peak Charging
Battery GivEnergy
Storage 5.2 + 9.5 kWh