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Guildford - Tesla Powerwall 2 (13.5 kWh) (Jul '19)

Posted by Spirit Energy on 02 Dec 2019

Tesla Outside

In July 2019, Spirit installed a 13.5kWh Tesla Powerwall 2 to provide storage for an existing solar PV system in Guildford.

As both Powerwall and the Gateway unit are completely weatherproof, we were able to install them on the outside wall of the property, saving space inside the house. Mr S chose to have backup functionality with the battery, meaning he can draw on stored power in the event of a power cut. In the Tesla app, he can choose the proportion of battery power to save for this eventuality.

With the ability to store solar power for when it’s needed, we estimate that Mr S will now be able to generate around 84% of his annual electricity requirement on site.

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Quick stats
Battery Tesla Powerwall 2 (13.5 kWh)
Charger Tesla (3.68kW)
Key function Solar utilisation
Other functionality Emergency backup