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Tilehurst, Berkshire - Tesla Powerwall (6.4 kWh) (Oct '16)

Posted by Spirit Energy on 01 Oct 2016

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In October 2016, Spirit commissioned a 6.4 kWh Tesla Powerwall lithium ion battery to complement the 4 kWp of solar panels installed on the roof.

Before the installation of the battery on-site usage of solar PV was approximately 62%. After the installation it has been measured at around 92%. In-depth monitoring is available via a meter which measures electricity flow to and from the battery, solar PV and grid. 

This was Spirit’s first Tesla Powerwall installation, following several other successful battery systems. It is a DC-coupled system which means it connects directly to the PV inverter and is the most efficient way to install a battery to a PV system. 

“I could not recommend Spirit enough. Highly professional and skilful team. Installing my Powerwall in October was very exciting and so wanted it done to high standard. Spirit did exactly that, the finished installation exuded care and pride in their work. I had no hesitation in putting my name forward as a very satisfied client.”

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Quick stats
Battery Tesla Powerwall (6.4kWh)
Charger StorEdge (3.3kW)
Key function Solar utilisation