Solar PV Case Studies

Chertsey, Surrey - 4 kWp (Nov '18)

Posted by Spirit Energy on 20 May 2019


In November 2018, Spirit installed a domestic on roof PV system in Surrey. With the available roof space a 3.965kWp system was able to be installed, with the array consisting of 13 Q-Cells 305W panels. The inverter is sized to match the peak power and for this system a Growatt 3600W MTL inverter is used. The panels are orientated 20 degrees from south and pitched at a 10 degree slope to maximise irradiance. The slope angle and spacing between each row of panels ensures that shading from the other panels is kept to a minimum or zero. The loss factor arising from shading is assumed to be zero for this system. The expected output is a little over 3,500kWh per year.

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Quick stats
Location Chertsey
System Size 3.965 kWp
Panel model 13 x Q-Cells 305W
Inverter model Growatt 3600k 
Annual output 3,537 kWh