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Fleet, Hampshire - 4.5 kWp (Nov '17)

Posted by Spirit Energy on 14 Dec 2017

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Spirit had initially installed a 4 panel system onto the property as part of a new build development. The new occupant, who was preparing to invest in an electric vehicle, wanted to extend the system and utilise their entire roof space and also add an EV charger. This was a unique project that introduced new hurdles for Spirit to overcome and tasked us with designing a system that would be most economically favorable. Fortunately, the existing system had not been registered for the Feed In Tariff allowing the occupant to receive the higher tariff rate associated with the larger system that was to be installed. 

The original system was replaced with a high spec, top of the range in-roof system consisting of 14 x BenQ 327W panels and a SolarEdge inverter that incorporates power optimisers that are connected to the back of each panel. This increases the efficiency of the system by allowing each panel to operate independently and not at the level of  lowest performing panel as would be the case with a string inverter.

The myenergi trio - the zappi, harvi and eddi - were also installed. The zappi functions by diverting excess solar power to charge the EV instead of exporting to the grid. When the EV isn't present or is fully charged the eddi steps up and diverts excess solar energy to the immersion heater to provide hot water. The harvi then allows the zappi and eddi to be installed without using a wired current transformer (CT) for measuring the grid or generation power. The CT is instead connected to the harvi which in turn harvests the energy from this CT and transmits the measurement signal to the zappi and eddi eliminating the need for batteries or electrical wiring.

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Quick stats
Location Fleet
System Size 4.5 kWp
Panel model 14 x BenQ 327 W
Inverter model SolarEdge 3600
Annual output 4,473 kWh