Solar PV Case Studies

Longstanton, Cambridgeshire - 6.5 kWp (Nov '20)

Posted by Spirit Energy on 01 Nov 2020

Longstanton solar panels

In November 2020, Spirit installed a complete renewable energy system for a client in Cambridgeshire - solar PV, battery storage and EV charging.

The benefit of integrating all these technologies is that Mr E will be able to make the most effective use of his solar energy in his home. The battery, Tesla Powerwall 2, stores solar generation ready for when it’s required (and protects the house in the event of a power cut). The EV charger, the zappi, is designed to pair with PV, diverting excess solar power into the car when it’s plugged in.

Mr E’s 6.46kWp system is optimised with a SolarEdge inverter to maximise power output, and pigeon protection to prevent any birds nesting beneath the panels. We expect it to generate 5,267kWh per year.

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Quick stats
Location Longstanton
System size 6.46 kWp
Panel model 19 x LG 340W
Inverter model SolarEdge
Annual output 5,267 kWh