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Oxted, Surrey - 6.6 kWp (Jul '21)

Posted by Spirit Energy on 01 Jul 2021

Oxted solar panels

In July 2021 Spirit installed and commissioned a 6.57kWp solar PV system for Mr W. Having discussed his key drivers for the project were sustainability and system longevity, the most suitable panel manufacturer was REC. This is because REC boasts the lowest known warranty claims rate of any solar PV brand, and has a very low cell degradation rate. Another important factor for Mr W was to maximise the monitoring capabilities. We therefore specified and installed a SolarEdge inverter with individual panel optimisers, which will not only help to achieve a greater system performance, but will also allow for module level monitoring in addition to a system overview of the current and historical energy generation.

To make the most of his high efficiency solar PV system, Mr W wanted to install a Tesla Powerwall and zappi chargepoint. Unfortunately at the time of installation Powerwall had stock availability issues. As we already had the necessary grid approval to install the whole system, however, and as Mr W wanted to make the most of the summer generation window, we installed and commissioned the PV system along with the Tesla Gateway and zappi chargepoint during our first visit. Once Tesla’s Powerwall is readily available again we will return to connect the battery in a second visit to allow Mr W to increase his on site solar consumption, to off-peak charge the battery to avoid peak electricity rates, and to have power cut protection.


Mr W said:

“Our motivation was principally environmental. We have an 18 month old and another on the way. Reflecting on what the world will be like when they’re our age we want to do everything we can to leave it in as good a state as we’re able to influence. Energy-independence (as much as possible) is one element of that.

Reading about the energy price cap increase this week and petrol hitting a 13-year high, it’s nice to know we’re somewhat hedged against these rises. On an average July day our 6kW array typically produces min. 20kWh, max. 42kWh of electricity, which tops up our EV battery (28kWh) easily after doing all our washing, cooking etc. I’d expect it to be more than that in April, May and June when it’s sunny but cooler.”

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Quick stats
Location Oxted
System size 6.57 kWp
Panel model 18 x REC 365W
Inverter model SolarEdge
Annual output 5,473 kWh