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Empty Premises? Upgrade Your Energy Systems!

George Riley · 09 Jun 2020

Offices, shops, schools and other premises across the country have been shuttered or only partially open since the lockdown. In an undoubtedly difficult time, many organisations are looking to save money. This could be the perfect opportunity to look at improvements to your company’s energy use, investing in efficient technology to reduce your energy costs in the long term.

Here are a few things we can help with to improve energy efficiency:

Free LED lighting upgrades

With budgets tight, this is a no brainer. Slash your energy bills with an LED lighting upgrade, which we can offer at no upfront cost through our partnership with ECI Energy.

You’ll have all your lights replaced with the most efficient LED equivalents. The cost is repaid from a proportion of your bill savings over 5 years, during which time the lights are fully maintained. The greatest savings come when your lighting operates for long hours, for example in warehouses and car parks, and you need a minimum of 100 light fittings to be eligible.

Solar PV to generate renewable energy

One thing this pandemic has reinforced is the need to be resilient as a business to weather any future periods of uncertainty. There’s real value in becoming more energy independent as electricity prices rise. By installing solar PV now, you’ll be ready to reap the benefits of generating free daytime electricity when your workplace reopens.

While solar can be a significant investment, the commercial payback period is typically 6-10 years with a return of up to 18% (IRR%) over 20 years.

Batteries to cut peak usage

Businesses often get stung with charges for using energy during peak times. On site energy storage can help to alleviate these costs by ‘time shifting’ your usage: charging up when demand and prices are low, then discharging when they’re high.

If you pair them with solar PV, commercial batteries will store any excess solar power you generate to use when the sun goes in, further lowering your electricity bills.

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Minimal disruption

If your premises are currently empty with staff furloughed or working from home, it’s a rare opportunity to carry out building works without any disruption to your employees or customers.

Under government regulations, construction is allowed to continue. So our installation teams can install solar panels, batteries or LED lighting safely and efficiently while your building is unoccupied.

Health and safety

Health and safety has always been at the forefront of how we conduct our business at Spirit, and will continue to be so throughout the COVID crisis. Our installers will follow public health guidance to keep themselves, and anyone else onsite, safe.

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