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Spirit Installs Solar Panels at West Reservoir Centre

George Riley · 08 Sep 2020

We’re very excited to share our recent solar installation at West Reservoir Centre, an outdoor swimming facility in Hackney. It is the first installation in a new solar power scheme launched by Hackney Light and Power, as part of its mission to make the borough net zero carbon by 2040.

What did we install?

Spirit installed a 93.5kWp solar PV system, comprising 275 JA Solar 340W panels. This will generate 77,534kWh per year, enough to power the complex, with any surplus power going to the grid.

As the council is keen to engage local residents in its green initiatives, we fitted a monitor at West Reservoir, so visitors can see solar generation and environmental impact in real time.

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What is Hackney Light and Power?

Hackney Light and Power is an energy services company established by Hackney Council to make the borough a leader in clean energy generation. It also seeks to empower residents to become more environmentally sustainable in their homes, through insulation and clean heat schemes.

Councillor Jon Burke said, “I am delighted that Hackney Light and Power’s first solar power installation is already helping to decentralise the energy system and displace carbon-intensive electricity from the grid as part of our radical proposals to rebuild a greener Hackney in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.”

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Will Dragonetti, Head of Sales and Marketing at Spirit, said, “It’s important to invest in renewable energy sources because they help provide a clean, sustainable source of energy for the future, helping us to move away from finite energy resources such as fossil fuels.”

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