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Spirit's Updated Free Guide to Building Integrated Solar PV (BIPV)

Erica Charles · 16 Nov 2017

Solar tiles, solar glass, solar facades, solar roofs, and in-roof systems are growing in popularity due to their ability to take the place of building elements whilst generating electricity and reducing running costs of the building.

Leading architects are no longer confining themselves to solar tiles and complete solar roofs, they are also specifying solar in atriums, in windows, as solar cladding, on bus stops and in car parks...

Our updated Guide to Building Integrated Photovoltaics will keep you ahead of the game, featuring:

  • Integrated solar roofs, solar tiles 

Our guide covers the best value and the best looking systems for residential housing. GSE, Viridian Clearline, GB-Sol, Romag and Redland are all names that feature as leaders in the market, not to mention Tesla with their long awaited solar tiles (and the infinite tile warranty)...

Solar PV Slate Tiles Close Up

  • Solar glass, solar facades, solar claddings, solar windows

    In multi-storey buildings where roof space is often limited, facades and windows usually offer the most potential for electricity generation.

    Thus the development of solar glazing and thin film cladding is set to play an important role in the growth of 'urban micro-generation'.  Our guide features the best products and the best ideas to ensure you can offer your clients best-in-class.

hockmore tower

Solar cladding installed by Spirit for Oxford Council on the Hockmore Tower in Oxford.

solar brise soleil

Solar brise soleil installed by Spirit on the Caice building in Southampton.


Thin film cladding.


All products need to be multi-functional. As well as generating electricity, they need to function as building elements offering some combination of:

  • light transmission, shading and glare control;
  • weather proofing;
  • structural strength;
  • sound protection;
  • thermal control: thermal insulation, reduction in thermal gain;
  • aesthetics.

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