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What is Peak Power in Solar Panels?

George Riley · 10 Sep 2020

A perennial source of confusion when researching solar PV is peak performance. We regularly classify solar systems by their peak, their kWp. But does a system ever reach its peak? In very hot weather over the summer, system owners often observe a drop in performance - so is the peak power in solar panels even significant?


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Installing SunPower Panels In-Roof

Mark Golding · 09 Apr 2020

Spirit recently installed solar PV at the new home of one of our sales team. Since there’s no better way to live and breathe the technology than through personal experience, Mark shares his take on the process of installing SunPower panels with an integrated GSE mounting system.


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Viridian Solar Panels and the Benefits of In Roof PV

George Riley · 20 Sep 2019

While solar panels are traditionally retrofitted to an existing rooftop, it’s becoming more common (especially in newbuilds) to integrate the panels into the roof itself. With in roof PV, you end up with a sleeker, more attractive result.

One of our favourite brands of integrated solar is Viridian. Manufactured here in the UK, Viridian solar panels have a bespoke mounting system to embed them in the rooftop with a sleek, low profile.


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Easy Roof Evolution: In Roof Solar with Velux Windows

Erica Charles · 07 Dec 2018

If you are building a new property or re-doing a roof and want to install solar PV, it makes sense to look at roof integrated solar panels.

There are a few systems on the market, for example Viridian Solar and GSE.  But one system in particular, Easy Roof Evolution, stands out if you want Velux® windows within the solar array.


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Spirit's Updated Free Guide to Building Integrated Solar PV (BIPV)

Erica Charles · 16 Nov 2017

Solar tiles, solar glass, solar facades, solar roofs, and in-roof systems are growing in popularity due to their ability to take the place of building elements whilst generating electricity and reducing running costs of the building.

Leading architects are no longer confining themselves to solar tiles and complete solar roofs, they are also specifying solar in atriums, in windows, as solar cladding, on bus stops and in car parks....

Our updated Guide to Building Integrated Photovoltaics will keep you ahead of the game, featuring:


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