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Easy Roof Evolution: In Roof Solar with Velux Windows

Erica Charles · 07 Dec 2018

If you are building a new property or re-doing a roof and want to install solar PV, it makes sense to look at roof integrated solar panels.

There are a few systems on the market, for example Viridian Solar and GSE.  But one system in particular, Easy Roof Evolution, stands out if you want Velux® windows within the solar array.

Easy Roof Evolution

The Easy Roof System is actually French, made by IRFTS Solar Solutions.

It's an MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) accredited, ventilated in roof mounting system.

Designed for simplicity, essentially each panel mount is like a tile, with a patented interlocking process between the mounts.

Panels can be mounted in portrait or landscape, on any type of roof (tiled or shingle). Flashings are used to achieve a watertight seal between the array and the adjoining tiles.

The mounts come with a 10 year warranty and are made using 100% recyclable material.


Easy Roof + Velux® Windows

Tressan Velux CROP EASY ROOF


IRFTS and Velux® have teamed up with Velux to produce a special mount for a Velux® Window, thus allowing placement of a window within the solar panel array.

The mount is compatible with either a standard Velux® MK06 (780 x 1180mm) or the larger MK08 (780 x 1400mm).

Once again it comes with a 10 year warranty.

The system looks fantastic:



Download datasheets here:

Easy Roof Evolution

Easy Roof Solution for Velux®

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