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Introducing Meshwork: A Network for Sustainable Building Professionals

George Riley · 05 May 2021

We’re excited to introduce you to Meshwork, an online network for people working in the sustainable construction industry, or otherwise interested in how we can design more energy efficient buildings for the future.

What is Meshwork?

Meshwork is a professional online network - essentially Linkedin for the sustainable building industry.

Its aim is to be a hub for professionals to share their knowledge, upskill and collaborate. Members can attend webinars, put questions to industry experts and discover articles relevant to environmentally-friendly construction. This includes broader topics like eco home design and regulations to specific technologies like heat pumps and solar PV.

Who’s it for?

Meshwork is open to:

  • architects,
  • consultants,
  • contractors,
  • anyone else working in the sustainable building sector,
  • students interested in sustainable building.

It is currently free to join - so sign up now if you want to check it out!

Spirit’s role

Spirit has an active presence on Meshwork - sharing content and answering questions where our expertise is relevant. If you’re developing energy efficient buildings, it’s a great opportunity to get our views alongside specialists in other areas such as heat pumps and energy efficiency.

We are running a battery CPD webinar exclusively for Meshwork on May 20th at 10am. Our battery specialist Henry will be covering the essentials of battery technology, storage economics and more.

Who is Mesh?

Meshwork is an offshoot of Mesh Energy, growing out of weekly webinars and a desire to learn and collaborate more during the pandemic. Mesh is a renewable energy consultancy firm for property owners and architects.

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