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Online CPD Training Now Available

George Riley · 03 Apr 2020

As we settle into life on lockdown, we’re all finding new ways to keep our businesses running and make the best use of our time. The Spirit team is working remotely, but we’re determined to keep sharing our knowledge, even if we can’t visit companies to deliver our usual CPD sessions.

So, after a bit of testing, we’re delighted to announce that we can now offer online CPD training. Your staff can dial in from wherever they’re based for a virtual session on solar PV, battery storage or EV charging.

And best of all - it’s entirely free.

Why CPD?

There’s no denying that this is an extremely challenging time. But if your work is limited and you’re isolated at home, it’s the perfect opportunity to round out your expertise and pick up a few new skills.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses offer exactly that. With training from an accredited company (like Spirit), you receive certification for the course you have taken.

They are ideal for consultants, contractors, architects or anybody working in a related industry.

What our courses cover

We offer three courses based on our years of experience in each field:

  • Solar PV Design & Installation - a practical overview of how solar works, the equipment involved, system design, processes, installation and maintenance.
  • Battery Storage Systems - the latest information on battery applications, technologies, economics, backup and off-grid capabilities.
  • EV Charging Systems - an introduction to EV charging, chargepoint functionality, system design, processes, installation and available grants.

How it works

Before the coronavirus outbreak (and afterwards, in the hopefully not too distant future…), we would visit your office to run a CPD seminar during a lunch break.

If you sign up for one of our online sessions, we will agree on a convenient time and send you an invite to our virtual platform. The session will be run by one of our in-house experts and will last approximately an hour, with an opportunity for any questions.

And did we mention the training is free?

Find out more

For further details or to sign up for our CPD courses, please hit the button below or call us on 0118 951 4490.

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