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Spirit's Q1 Contractor Update: Solar Panel Costs and Performance

Henry Day · 26 Jan 2018
Every quarter, we issue an updated version of our free Solar PV Specifier's Guide (otherwise known as "Spirit's Easy Guide to Solar"). 
This comprehensive info pack covers everything we believe a specifier should know about solar PV. 
If you've previously downloaded the guide, you now have the option to just download our Quarterly Cost Update (Appendix I of the full guide), which will keep you up-to-date with current solar power costs and subsidy rates.
The contents of the two downloads are as follows:

Spirit's Solar PV Specifier's Guide

This guide covers the following:
  • System sizing and specification.
  • Key components: panels, inverters, monitoring and mounting systems.
  • Approvals required: planning, DNO permission, structural.
  • Pre-install checklists and installation timeline.
  • Summary of our services from specification to design and pre-contract support to servicing and maintenance.
  • An introduction to battery storage.
  • Everything in the Quarterly Price Update (below).


Specifier's Guide to Solar



Download now

Spirit's Quarterly Price Update

If you've previously downloaded the full guide above, you can opt for our Quarterly Price Update only download, which includes the following:

  • Table of annual output data in kWh/kWp for various inclinations and orientations.
  • Typical solar PV installation costs per kWp (which are around 15% lower than this time last year).
  • Typical footprints per kWp for flat and pitched roof systems.
  • Current Feed-In Tariff rates.
  • Net subsidised lifetime cost per kWh for a typical 4 kWp and 50 kWp system.


Specifier's Guide               

Q1 2018 Price Update



Download now

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