Solar PV Case Studies

Jaguar Land Rover - 15 kWp (April '17)

Posted by Henry Day on 06 Aug 2017

JLR Slough

In April 2017, Spirit installed a 14.58kWp on roof PV system for Jaguar Land Rover in Slough. The system consists of 54 x 270W polycrystalline panels mounted on a flat roof using ballasted A-frames pitched at a 12.5 degree angle and orientated 10 degrees from south. Each row of panels were designed and installed with accurate spacing between them to ensure that they didn’t cause any shading to subsequent panels. The active area (not including spacing between the panels) is just less than 90m2 and the annual output is anticipated to be 13,224kWh. The panels are connected to a Solax 15k inverter.

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Quick stats
Location Slough
System Size 14.58 kWp
Panel model 54 x JA Solar 270W
Inverter model Solax 15k 
Annual output 13,224 kWh