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Poole - Tesla Powerwall 2 (13.5 kWh) (Aug '19)

Posted by Spirit Energy on 03 Dec 2019

Sanders Powerwall

In August 2019, Spirit installed one Tesla Powerwall for Mark Sanders in Poole. It slots neatly inside the garage, especially when the matching Tesla is parked alongside.

The battery will store energy from a 4.2kWp PV system we installed in 2017. We estimate this will take the proportion of solar energy used on site from 34% to 83%, and would mean that 69% of the client’s annual electricity demand is supplied by solar.

Mark chose to have the emergency backup feature with his Powerwall, which means he can keep the lights on during a power cut.

Read more in our interview with Mark.

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Quick stats
Battery Tesla Powerwall 2 (13.5 kWh)
Charger Tesla (3.68kW)
Key function Solar utilisation
Other functionality Emergency backup