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Workplace Charging Scheme Changes Coming in 2022

George Riley · 10 Nov 2021

As the 2030 deadline for buying new combustion engine vehicles looms, electric car sales are beginning to ramp up. But the greatest changes are happening in commercial fleets - in 2020, businesses bought twice as many EVs as private individuals.

This may in part be due to the many incentives for companies to go electric, such as tax breaks for company cars. There is also the long-running grant scheme for installing chargepoints, which is due for a shakeup early next year...

What is the Workplace Charging Scheme?

The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) is a government grant from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV). It has been running for a few years now to encourage the switch to EVs.

The scheme has been open to UK based businesses, charities and local authorities that wish to provide electric vehicle charging for their staff or fleet, at dedicated off-street parking.

The grant covers 75% of the chargepoint installation cost, up to £350 per charger, with a maximum 40 sockets per business. This makes the scheme worth up to £14,000 per company.

Who else will become eligible?

In early 2022, the WCS will be expanding to new applicants. The scheme will continue to be available to businesses as above, with the following additions:

  • Small accommodation businesses (like B&Bs and campsites, with fewer than 250 employees) and registered charities will become eligible. You need off-street parking but it doesn’t have to be limited to staff or fleet use. You can claim up to £350 per socket, up to a maximum of 40.
  • Commercially let properties can get £350 per socket, up to 100 per year per applicant. You need private parking for staff or fleet use.
  • SMEs (fewer than 250 employees) can claim up to £15,000 per building. This is from up to £850 per chargepoint, or up to £500 for a bay with provisional infrastructure for a future chargepoint. You need to apply for a minimum of 5 bays with at least one working chargepoint, all in private parking.

The grant will be provided through a new digital OZEV platform launching next year.

Does Spirit install EV charging stations?

At the moment, we only install EV chargepoints along with new solar PV systems. But if you are looking to invest in solar and EV charging at the same time, we can help you claim the WCS grant as we are OZEV accredited installers.

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