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Can I Install Solar on a Tenanted Property?

Ian Charles · 18 Nov 2023

“I’m a landlord with a tenant – I can’t install solar!”

“I’m a tenant with a landlord - I can’t install solar either!”


The roof of your building is worth a lot of money, whether you own it or you rent it.


“Where there’s money to be made, there’s always a deal to be had.”

- Donald Trump, Art of the Deal (maybe)


You need each other’s permission...

– but don’t wait to start the discussion

- you’re both wasting money every year you don’t have panels.


Installing solar can feel like you’re creating money from the fresh air: it really is that easy. But you’re not really creating money. The money is already there: it’s already in the value of the roof. What you’re doing when you install solar is realizing the value of that roof.


"Imagine you own a plot of land with permission to build a drive-through McDonalds – that land is worth a lot of money. But every year you aren’t flipping burgers is money wasted." - Ian Charles, Spirit Solar FD


Who pays what? Tenant or Landlord.


Let’s say you’re a tenant with 8 years left on your lease.

Solar panels should still be productive after at least 25 years.

So you could split the cost with your landlord 8:17 (or, if you’re using a 5% discount rate, the landlord should pay 61.3% rather than 68% of the cost, because his returns are more into the future).


Or you could just sign up for financing, with an agreement that the landlord takes over the payments when your leave the premises.


Even if you’re a tenant with only 2 years left on the lease, the landlord might value your permission to put panels on now, so that they’re “flipping burgers” for 2 years longer than otherwise they might be.

Why not start with a free desktop analysis to see how much that roof is worth?

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