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Can I install Solar Panels on an Old Roof?

Luke Pemberton · 30 Jan 2024

To find out what constraints having an older roof puts on your potential solar installation, we asked Tok Charles, a Technical Designer here at Spirit some questions that anyone might have.


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Can I Take my Solar Panels With Me When I Move?

Luke Pemberton · 22 Jan 2024

In summary, yes! But you probably shouldn’t. Here’s why:


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Spirit Energy are now a Which? Trusted Trader

Charlie McGibbon · 15 Jan 2024

Following a rigorous assessment, Spirit Energy are now endorsed by Which? as a Which? Trusted Trader. 

To achieve this, we had to demonstrate our expertise in our industry, and agree to abide by the Which? code of conduct which guarantees our customers will receive the high standard of care they've come to expect both of Spirit Energy and companies endorsed by the Which? brand.


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Planning Permission for Flat Roof Solar Panels.

Charlie McGibbon · 22 Dec 2023

Recently, the Government announced a series of measures aimed at cutting red tape around the installation of solar panels. One of these was removing the planning regulation requirement around installing solar panels on domestic flat roofs, bringing this in line with commercial properties. But if you have a domestic flat roof and are looking to take advantage of this new state of affairs, what other considerations should you bear in mind?


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What Happens if it Rains on Solar Panels?

Charlie McGibbon · 28 Nov 2023

So, after an extended summer, the rain and snow are upon us. But how do solar panels cope in rainy weather? Can water ingress cause problems? And what about snow or hail?


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Can I Install Solar on a Tenanted Property?

Ian Charles · 18 Nov 2023

“I’m a landlord with a tenant – I can’t install solar!”

“I’m a tenant with a landlord - I can’t install solar either!”


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The Best Solar Export Tariffs in Autumn 2023

Charlie McGibbon · 03 Nov 2023

It's been a while since we updated our readership on the full range of export tariffs available on market. Here at Spirit we work closely with a variety of energy companies to help you get the best rates for your solar PV system. With that in mind here is an overview of the state of the market for getting you the best value for excess energy. 


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Should You Install Solar Panels on Your North Facing Roof?

Tok Charles · 31 Oct 2023

Everyone knows that you can’t put solar panels on a north facing roof…. or can you?

With electricity prices rising, north facing solar panels are now often worth the money.


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Install Solar Before Prices Rise Again

Luke Pemberton · 19 Oct 2023

Very soon, we expect demand to outstrip supply, once again.


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Solar PV Systems and EPC ratings

Charlie McGibbon · 18 Oct 2023



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