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How do Solar Panels Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

Alicja Kopinska · 12 Jun 2024

Solar panels produce electricity from the sun’s rays, which means there is no greenhouse gas emissions or pollution, unlike with burning coal, natural gas or any other fossil fuels. This can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and help with the fight against global warming. 


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What Happens to a Solar PV System During a Solar Eclipse?

Charlie McGibbon · 08 Apr 2024

If you're out and about in Wales or Scotland later this evening, you might notice that rare phenomenon, a solar eclipse! Albeit not a total one - but what impact might such an occurrence have on your solar panel system?


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Can I Take my Solar Panels With Me When I Move?

Luke Pemberton · 22 Jan 2024

In summary, yes! But you probably shouldn’t. Here’s why:


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What Happens if it Rains on Solar Panels?

Charlie McGibbon · 28 Nov 2023

So, after an extended summer, the rain and snow are upon us. But how do solar panels cope in rainy weather? Can water ingress cause problems? And what about snow or hail?


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Solar PV Systems and EPC ratings

Charlie McGibbon · 18 Oct 2023



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Why Is My Neighbour Installing Solar Panels?

Luke Pemberton · 02 Aug 2023

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Maybe you’ve seen the uptick in the number of your neighbours installing solar panels recently, and why you may ask? What are they getting out of it? Surely it can’t make any real sense. It might seem like a daunting investment, but once you weigh up the costs and benefits, we think things will get a little clearer.

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From start to finish Spirit delivered an exceptional level of service in getting my full PV system in place. From providing sensible and occasionally challenging advice, they guided me to the most appropriate configuration to meet our needs.
The technicians managing the installation were a delight to work with keeping me well-advised at each stage of the project.
Overall very happy with my new power station.

Mr. Crowe
May, 2023
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Solar Panel Myths and Misconceptions Debunked

George Riley · 28 Apr 2022

You may think that solar PV is an established and accepted technology in the UK, but it’s surprising how many solar panel myths persist. At our last community event, a visitor confidently informed us that ‘Britain doesn’t get enough sun for solar power’, which may come as a shock to our clients, whose thousands of panels have been generating well for the last decade.

So let’s set out the facts to debunk common solar myths, from the misinformed to the absurd.


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Should You Get a Smart Meter?

George Riley · 24 Mar 2022

A smart meter is an upgraded version of a traditional electricity or gas meter that can communicate wirelessly and automatically with your energy supplier. When your supplier installs one, they also give you an in-home display (IHD) - a small screen that shows your usage in monetary and kWh terms, both in real time and historically.


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