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Meet the Andersen A2 Charger

George Riley · 24 Jul 2020

As EVs become a part of daily life for more and more of us, the humble chargepoint is no longer just a plug socket. It’s the brains behind intelligent, economic charging. It’s a device that has to stand up to use day in, day out. It’s a feature of the look and feel of our homes.

One chargepoint excels in all these regards and is a cut above the rest in the design stakes - the Andersen A2. And we’re delighted to announce that Spirit is now an Andersen approved installer.

A2 basics

The Andersen A2 is a 7-22kW EV chargepoint, with a tethered Type 2 connector. Its USP is that the ultra flexible cable can be housed within the unit when not in use, leaving its surroundings tidy and safe. The charger is manufactured in Britain with premium materials, opting for durable metal and wood rather than the usual plastic casing.

As well as an attractive design, the A2 is a smart charger with remote locking, monitoring, scheduling and optional solar integration. It also qualifies for the OLEV grant.

Custom design

Each Andersen charger is made to order. You can choose the colour of the metal chassis and the front panel (wood or metal finish). All together there are 45 combinations to fit the style of your home.

all Andersen colours

The only downside of this is that manufacturing takes longer - up to 6 weeks after you order.

The benefits of solar and EV charging

The A2 can be configured to integrate with solar PV, so you can choose how much of each charge should come from excess solar power. If you like, you could decide to only charge your car from solar - it would take longer, but you’d be driving on the cheapest power possible.

By combining solar panels and smart EV charging, you can utilise much more of your solar generation and save a lot on fuel costs.

Next steps

If you’d like to find out more about having an Andersen charger installed, please give us a call on 0118 951 4490 or request a quote.

To learn more about the fundamentals of EV charging, please download our free guide:

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