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Thinking about Battery Storage for Solar Panels?

Erica Charles · 13 Jul 2017

Anyone thinking about getting battery storage for solar panels, should monitor their electricity usage for at least 3 months using a specialist energy monitoring device.

Energy monitoring helps your installer to determine your load profile, and therefore which residential solar storage system would be best suited to your needs.

It could mean the difference of thousands of pounds and maximising performance of the battery over its lifetime.

At Spirit we’ve tried and tested a number of home energy monitoring devices, our favourite device is the Smappee. It goes above and beyond the standard for energy monitoring system – allowing you to identify individual appliances via its simple interface. 

The Smappee

The world’s smartest home energy monitor. It enables consumers to save money on electricity bills through real-time energy monitoring and remote control of electrical appliances.

It identifies the individual electrical appliances in the house and gives real-time energy readings as well as costs. It is possible to control all the devices in the house individually, remotely.

These days electricity monitors have become common place, but we believe that the Smappee is the best home energy monitor on the market. It teaches itself to recognise appliances in the home.

Once set up it is possible to see where there are savings to be made on electricity bills.

The Solar Smappee provides the additional functionality of working with solar panels, so it is possible to see exactly how much energy from the solar panels is used in the home. It is therefore possible to optimise the sizing of battery storage for solar panels.

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