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The Best Solar Export Tariffs in Autumn 2023

Charlie McGibbon · 03 Nov 2023

It's been a while since we updated our readership on the full range of export tariffs available on market. Here at Spirit we work closely with a variety of energy companies to help you get the best rates for your solar PV system. With that in mind here is an overview of the state of the market for getting you the best value for excess energy. 

SEG vs FiT

Back in 2019, a more generous government mandated scheme for renewable energy export was on the market, the FiT or Feed-in-Tariff scheme. This scheme paid customers both for energy exported and energy generated and was mandated by the UK government for energy suppliers over a certain size to incentivise the uptake of microgeneration of electricity, usually but not exclusively solar power. However, this scheme closed to new applicants on the 1st April 2019, and was replaced by the SEG or Smart Energy Guarantee scheme - it's worth underlining that as the FiT scheme was more generous, there is little point in looking for a export tariff on the current market if you are lucky enough to be on the FiT scheme already, as it's difficult to get better value than the FiT scheme. However, it may be possible and advantageous to replace only the export element of the FiT scheme to SEG while retaining the generation element of the FiT scheme, which is normally the larger part. Contact your preferred supplier on if this could be an option for you.

What is the Smart Export Guarantee?

The Smart Export Guarantee was introduced on the 1st January 2020 to replace the outgoing Feed-in-Tariff scheme. The smart export guarantee works differently to the previous scheme in that it allows companies mandated to be part of the scheme, that is, those that have over 150,000 customers, to pay for electricity exported back to the grid, but does not specify a rate, just that the export rate be above £0. There is a company, E, who consequently offer a export rate of just 1p per kWh to fulfil their legal obligations under this scheme, but don't worry there are many more lucrative offers out there to get more cash for your charge. 

Octopus Energy

Although Tesla retired their Powerwall-exclusive energy plans in conjunction with Octopus a few months ago, Octopus are still Spirit's recommendation for an export tariff, particularly if have or are planning to have a PV + Battery system as opposed to just PV. Their offerings are discussed in more detail here. And as an added bonus you can use our referral link to get £50 cashback when you sign up by using our referral link here.

What are my other options for the Smart Export Guarantee?

As a relatively new scheme, the market for the smart export guarantee is still developing, most some big energy companies such as EDF energy and E-ON offering a nominal amount to cover their legal obligations for all and a higher rate of export for customers who import their electricity from them. It's worth considering this difference, as generally, though not always, getting what electricity supply you need to top up your solar generation from the same company who buys the electricity you export is far more lucrative than mixing and matching. 

SEG Export Tariffs Comparison

We've put together a handy table showcasing the current market.



Export Rate (kWh)

Exclusive to Import Customers?



15p Flat Rate


Agile Variable based on market price - currently up to 20.89p depending on time of day. Yes
Flux Fixed by time of day - 27.51p during peak. Yes
SEG  4.1p No
Scottish Power SmartGen 12p Yes
EDF Energy EDF Export Variable Value  5.6p Yes
EDF Export Variable 3.6p


E.on Next NextExportExclusive 16.5p


NextExport 3p


British Gas Export and Earn Plus 15p


Export and Earn Flex 6.4p


Utilita Energy SEG Tariff 3p


Utility Warehouse UW Smart Export Guarantee - Bundle 5.6p

Yes + Additional Services

UW Smart Export Guarantee - Standard 2p


Rebel Energy SEG Tariff Snail 10p


So Energy So Export Flex 7.5p


Pozitive Energy SEG tariff 5p


OVO OVO SEG Tariff 4p


Shell Energy Smart Export Guarantee Tariff 3.5p


E Energy E SEG 1p



For more information on how Spirit Energy can help get you the best price for your excess solar energy, or to enquire about solar for your property, feel free to give us a call on 0118 951 4490 or email us at info@spiritenergy.co.uk.

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