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Solar Panel Systems in a Heatwave

Charlie McGibbon · 11 Sep 2023

This September has broken records for heat and sunshine. So good news for solar panels, correct? Well, generally, yes - as temperatures increase and the clouds dissipate, you can expect to see greater outputs from your solar panels, but it's important to remember that it's not the heat that solar panels capture, it's the light.

In fact, solar panels are known to have a drop off in efficiency at warmer temperatures. This is because heat increases the voltage resistance to electrons, so the warmer a solar panel system is the less efficiently it runs. A crisp winter's day is actually the ideal weather for a solar panel system rather than sweltering summer, it's the greater number of daylight hours the summer provides that means a greater output during the summer months, not the heat. 

While in moderate conditions, the heat doesn't have a huge impact on the output of the solar system, it's certainly one aspect to consider when considering an installation. For one thing, the heating of the solar panels can be mitigated with careful installation, as more ventilation, on both the panels and the inverter, can have a beneficial impact on system performance in warmer weather.

Another thing to consider is the make and quality of the panel. It is known that certain models of solar panel come with a greater expected lifespan and greater efficiency, but did you know that certain panels have slightly more or less severe degradation of efficiency in heat. 

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