Solar PV Case Studies

Aerospares - 50 kWp (March '18)

Posted by Henry Day on 20 May 2019



In March 2018, Spirit installed a large 50kWp solar PV system for Aerospares in Watford. The system consists of 184 JA Solar 270W panels wired to two SolarEdge inverters (27.6k and 17k). SolarEdge inverters provided improved performance compared to other inverters. This is due to their capability of optimising the performance of each individual panel, aiding in the mitigation of effects due to shading.  The active PV cell area is approximately 302m2 giving an anticipated annual generation of 41,532kWh, with savings from reduced energy bills and income from tariffs amounting to just over £5,300 per year. This gives an attractive payback period of only seven years. 

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Quick stats
Location Watford
System Size 49.68 kWp
Panel model 184 x JA Solar 270W
Inverter model

1x SolarEdge 27.6k

1x SolarEdge 17k 

Annual output 13,224 kWh