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IT Corporate - 150 kWp (Jun '18)

Posted by Henry Day on 20 May 2019

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In June 2018, Spirit completed the installation of a high-spec 150 kWp system for a large IT corporation in Bracknell. The project provided a stern test for both in house design and installation teams, but Spirit was able to rise to every challenge and deliver one of its most comprehensive installs to date.

Spirit was awarded the project following an extensive tender process, through which the company distinguished itself on the basis of its in house expertise and attention to detail. From the early stages, the structural limitations of the roof emerged as the principal design challenge; requiring the development of a custom racking solution to concentrate the loads on structural beams spanning the entirety of the 3,000m2 roof. Spirit had to draw upon its industry knowledge and multiple connections across a range of mounting manufacturers to arrive at the final bespoke design.

The project also involved a long list of additional requirements, with fire safety of particular concern for the client. To satisfy this specification, Spirit incorporated multiple Fire Fighter Gateways, along with DC surge protection devices, into the system design. Other inclusions within the spec were a G59 board, on site generator interlock, 30 metres of purpose built walkway, GSM metering, and inverter monitoring linked to a display screen near the reception (with surrounding artwork to be installed for enhanced user awareness and engagement). 

The system has an anticipated annual generation of 133,751 kWh (all of which is expected to be used on site).

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Quick stats
Location Bracknell
System Size 150.15 kWp
Panel model 546 x Talesun 275W
Inverter model 2 x Solis-50K, 1 x Solis-40K 
Annual output 133,751 kWh