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St. Peter's Hospice - 25 kWp (May '18)

Posted by Henry Day on 20 May 2019

St. Peters Hospice

In May 2018, Spirit installed a large roof integrated solar PV system at St. Peter’s Hospice in Bristol. The large available pitched roof space allowed for a 25kWp system to be installed, comprising of 81 x JA Solar 300W panels, giving a projected annual output of 22,698kWh. It is expected that the Hospice will significantly reduce its carbon footprint as a direct result of the new install, with annual savings of 11,780kg of CO2 being estimated. The PV system also aids in offsetting the energy bills and reliance of grid energy, with a predicted 80% usage of the power generated by the system being used on site.

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Quick stats
Location Bristol
System Size 24.78 kWp
Panel model 81 x JA Solar 300W
Inverter model Solis 20k 
Annual output 22,698 kWh