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Should You Install Solar Panels on Your North Facing Roof?

Tok Charles · 31 Oct 2023

Everyone knows that you can’t put solar panels on a north facing roof…. or can you?

With electricity prices rising, north facing solar panels are now often worth the money.


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Mr. C. made £16000 by installing solar. Here’s how much you could make

Tok Charles · 16 May 2023

When you install a solar system, you are effectively buying your own power station on your roof. That business is using your land (and the sun that falls on it), to produce an income stream.  That income stream is the value of the business that you have created. Those income streams will come in over the course of 25+ years. So how do we put a Net Present Value (NPV) on them today? In an example below, Mr. C discovered that his investment of £8,900 would be worth over £25,000 on the day that it is installed. A return of over 270%. 


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