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Install Solar Before Prices Rise Again

Luke Pemberton · 19 Oct 2023

Very soon, we expect demand to outstrip supply, once again.

The two biggest reasons why you should not wait any longer to install solar panels and/or battery storage are:

  • High quality solar panels and battery storage systems are cheaper now than ever.
  • We expect demand to skyrocket in the next 6 months, hence prices will rise accordingly.

    This means we're at a all time low in the price of solar installation, that will rise very soon.

Let’s see why

With huge demand in the last few years, supply has struggled to keep pace. Not only in supply of the physical product and kit, but also the supply of high-quality, reputable installers for you to choose from. The former has led to very high prices, and the latter has led to very long lead times. However, the supply of both has finally met demand, for the first time in years. You could have a system for cheaper than ever, and with the best installer in the industry, Spirit Energy.

At Spirit, we feel that the public has not yet caught onto the huge returns that domestic solar energy can net them. But with increasing media attention, and another winter ahead with record high energy bills according to the Citizens Advice Bureau [Source], demand is expected to rise, and prices will follow. Having been in business since 2010, we’ve seen it all in the energy industry, and it seems inevitable to us that a huge rush is right around the corner. Installing now whilst demand has met supply is the best thing you can do for your home this winter.

The kit

  • The Tesla Powerwall 2 is cheaper than ever, with the best tech in the industry.
  • GivEnergy battery systems have never seemed more appealing with the huge savings they can net your household.
  • Solar panels have passed the precipice of being realistic for the average consumer, with sleek designs, high power outputs, and lower prices.

To learn more about the technology, check out our knowledge bank articles, or get in contact below.

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