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Having dipped his hands in a great variety of tasks at Spirit, as his vague title would suggest, from revamping the website, to video editing, to technical design, never shying away from a novel challenge or chance to test himself.

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Tesla Powerwall 3 changes the game for DNO

Luke Pemberton · 19 Jul 2024

When you install a solar and/or battery system with an inverter output over 3.68 kW, you will need to apply for and gain permission from your local Distribution Network Operator (DNO).


Topics: Battery storage, Tariffs, Tesla Powerwall

What Could the UK Version of Tesla's Powerwall 3 Look Like?

Luke Pemberton · 14 Jun 2024

This is the only photo that we have of the Powerwall 3, taken when one of our technicians visited Tesla at the ExCel in London. 


Topics: Battery storage, Tesla Powerwall

Can I install Solar Panels on an Old Roof?

Luke Pemberton · 30 Jan 2024

To find out what constraints having an older roof puts on your potential solar installation, we asked Tok Charles, a Technical Designer here at Spirit some questions that anyone might have.


Topics: Maintenance, Solar PV

Can I Take my Solar Panels With Me When I Move?

Luke Pemberton · 22 Jan 2024

In summary, yes! But you probably shouldn’t. Here’s why:


Topics: Maintenance, Solar PV, Environment

Install Solar Before Prices Rise Again

Luke Pemberton · 19 Oct 2023

Very soon, we expect demand to outstrip supply, once again.


Topics: Battery storage, Spirit Energy news, Solar PV

Tesla announce Powerwall 3

Luke Pemberton · 15 Sep 2023

Tesla have now announced Powerwall 3 and we're sure you have many questions, so we made this FAQ to help iron them out. For a full breakdown of everything we know about Powerwall 3, check out our knowledge bank article here: 

Tesla Powerwall 3 - Everything you need to know


Powerwall 3 price, specs, chemistry, release date and more:


Topics: Battery storage, Tesla Powerwall, FAQs

GivEnergy All in One vs. Tesla Powerwall 2

Luke Pemberton · 01 Sep 2023

With increasing competition in the residential battery storage market from the likes of Tesla, GivEnergy, Solaredge, Pylontech, and more, it’s hard to know which is the best battery for your needs. If you’re after power cut protection at a reasonable price in the UK, you’re likely torn between the Tesla Powerwall 2 and the brand new GivEnergy All in One. Here’s a breakdown of the two products, what the differences mean to your everyday life, and which should be the best fit for your needs.


Topics: Battery storage, Tesla Powerwall

Why Is My Neighbour Installing Solar Panels?

Luke Pemberton · 02 Aug 2023

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Maybe you’ve seen the uptick in the number of your neighbours installing solar panels recently, and why you may ask? What are they getting out of it? Surely it can’t make any real sense. It might seem like a daunting investment, but once you weigh up the costs and benefits, we think things will get a little clearer.

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Increase your property value - Net present value.

Become more independent – Energy Security and grid reliance.

Be more sustainable – Environmental Benefits

From start to finish Spirit delivered an exceptional level of service in getting my full PV system in place. From providing sensible and occasionally challenging advice, they guided me to the most appropriate configuration to meet our needs.
The technicians managing the installation were a delight to work with keeping me well-advised at each stage of the project.
Overall very happy with my new power station.

Mr. Crowe
May, 2023
Read here

Topics: Tariffs, Solar PV, Environment, FAQs

Why Choose Spirit Energy Over Group Buying Schemes?

Luke Pemberton · 22 Jun 2023

Solar Together is a group-buying scheme that offers discounted solar installations. While this might initially seem attractive, there are several compelling reasons why you should consider choosing an independent solar installer like Spirit Energy instead. 


Topics: In roof solar panels, Solar PV, FAQs

What You Need to Know About Solar Installation

Luke Pemberton · 16 Jun 2023

Fixing a few hundred kilograms of silicon to your roof warrants many queries about the general installation process. So lets answer some of the frequently asked questions.


Topics: Solar PV, FAQs