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Why Choose Spirit Energy Over Group Buying Schemes?

Luke Pemberton · 22 Jun 2023

Solar Together is a group-buying scheme that offers discounted solar installations. While this might initially seem attractive, there are several compelling reasons why you should consider choosing an independent solar installer like Spirit Energy instead. 


Personalised Solutions vs. One-Size-Fits-All

Every property is unique, and your solar solution should be too. Unlike group buying schemes which offer the same panels, batteries and design layouts to all customers, at Spirit Energy we tailor our solar solutions to your specific needs. We consider the unique characteristics of your property, your energy usage, and your financial goals to provide the best possible solar solution for you. Your roof is a limited resource – the more carefully and accurately a system is designed, the better your financial and environmental returns will be. You only have one chance to turn the valuable asset of your roof into something that saves you money every day.  


Quality Over Quantity 

When it comes to solar equipment, you get what you pay for. Group buying schemes often reduces costs by using cheaper panels and batteries. On the other hand, at Spirit Energy, we handpick our solar panels and batteries for every installation, based on their performance, longevity, and value for money for you. We design every system custom for your needs. We use our own, in-house installers who have vast experience. We're not tied to any particular product or brand, which means we choose only the best equipment for your roof - the only thing we’re tied to is getting you the best product possible. 

Andy Bridges 

3 months ago 

"So many issues. Half the panels that weren't working, tech support tried to convince us this was by design. Eventually the ombudsman made them send an engineer out who said half the panels weren't connected up. Now we have a discovered the fitters removed a roofing tile under the panels to get wires through, resulting in a serious leak and damp in the bedrooms. I wish we'd never sign up to this program. I really really do."


Local Expertise Matters 

Being a local, family-owned business, we understand the specific solar needs and regulations in your area. We have a wealth of local knowledge and experience that larger, impersonal companies just can't match. We pride ourselves on the fact that when you call us, you’ll go straight through to one of our technical experts. We live locally, we’ve been a top installer and renewables pioneer in the area for more than 12 years - we're just around the corner if you need us. 

Susi Bessant 

4 months ago 

"If I could leave no stars I would. Green energy together are useless (no coordination and v poor communication - I had to queue for at least 20 mins whenever I called). Took 3 months to install and panels have stopped working after 6 months and they just ignore emails. "


Aftercare You Can Trust 

Our commitment to you doesn't end with the installation. We provide comprehensive aftercare services with both product and workmanship warranties to ensure your solar system runs optimally for years to come. When you choose Spirit Energy, you're choosing a long-term partner in your solar journey. 

Reg Sammarco 

4 months ago 

"An experience I would not wish to repeat. The installers were dreadful, incessantly breaking deadlines for visits. Then, when there was a post-installation problem they prevaricated for 3 months before sorting it out so we lost three months worth of energy saving. When I emailed Wealden Council I received an emailed reply but nothing further despite the problem being unresolved at the time. 

In summary, I wish we had not been attracted by the discounted price and gone to an efficient and reliable installer and saved weeks of worry and frustration. Zero stars but I cant send this post unless I at least give one star - perhaps you would read it as minus-one!" 


Choosing the Right Battery 

While group buying schemes may offer cheap batteries, that doesn't always translate to the best value. Some of these batteries may not deliver the performance, features, or longevity you need. At Spirit Energy, we take the time to understand your energy storage needs and recommend the best battery for you, not just the cheapest one. 

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

Please take the time to thoroughly research your options before making such an important investment as a solar installation project. Take the time to understand the kind of business or scheme you are working with and look at reviews and public feedback on these companies. Group buying schemes were also featured on BBC Radio 4's "You and Yours", you can catch up on this episode on demand.


Final Words

As part of your investigation into solar, we’d love to give you free, independent advice and a free quote. We’ll do a computerised investigation of your roof and follow that up with a technical survey at your house to ensure we fully understand the layout, shading and wiring issues unique to you. You’re also very welcome to visit our offices in Reading and try some of our excellent freshly-ground coffee! We're confident that we can provide a solar solution that meets your specific needs, backed by local expertise and top-quality customer service. Call us on 0118 951 4490 or email us on info@spiritenergy.co.uk to speak to one of our friendly experts today. 

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