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Why Is My Neighbour Installing Solar Panels?

Luke Pemberton · 02 Aug 2023

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Maybe you’ve seen the uptick in the number of your neighbours installing solar panels recently, and why you may ask? What are they getting out of it? Surely it can’t make any real sense. It might seem like a daunting investment, but once you weigh up the costs and benefits, we think things will get a little clearer.

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Cut your costs - Save money on bills.

Increase your property value - Net present value.

Become more independent – Energy Security and grid reliance.

Be more sustainable – Environmental Benefits

From start to finish Spirit delivered an exceptional level of service in getting my full PV system in place. From providing sensible and occasionally challenging advice, they guided me to the most appropriate configuration to meet our needs.
The technicians managing the installation were a delight to work with keeping me well-advised at each stage of the project.
Overall very happy with my new power station.

Mr. Crowe
May, 2023
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Cut your costs - Save money on bills.

With our years of experience in the solar industry, the overarching greatest reason we see cited for installing solar is the huge savings on your energy bills. Not only do you now have most your energy needs provided by your own personal power station on your roof, but all the extra energy being generated is being dynamically sold back to the grid through smart energy tariffs. With energy tariffs double what they were in 2020, the potential savings are only getting greater and greater.

Our customers typically see around an 80% reduction in their energy bills.

For more information on this benefit, please read this blog on smart energy tariffs.

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Increase your property value - Net present value.

It’s thanks to the savings and energy export schemes that we see payback periods typically around 7-years for a solar system. When you consider that the warranty on the panels is typically 25-years, you’ve got 18-years of free electricity.

The 18-years of free electricity is then passed on to the property value if you ever come to sell the house, meaning that even if you don’t plan on living there for the lifetime of the system, that investment will still earn you money. This is down to a concept called net present value, the same concept on which all businesses are valued upon, such as Apple or BP. You can learn more about this here: net present value.

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Become more independent – Energy security and grid reliance.

On average, we see our customers' reliance on the grid drop by 85% when they install a solar PV and battery storage system. This can easily be increased with a few simple steps once the system is installed, if necessary. This means that your energy security has increased, meaning you won’t have to worry nearly as much if something were to happen to the national grid, even if energy prices simply go up, as we’ve seen dramatically in the last few years.

Be more sustainable – Environmental benefits

Although it’s obvious, the sustainability benefits of installing solar and not relying on the national grid’s amalgamation of energy streams, such as coal and gas plants, should not be under sold. Though for many it isn’t the consideration that comes first and foremost, you only need to look at the news or social media to see the concerns about global warming and its impact on the environment and ecosystems.

Installing solar is a huge step in the right direction for a more eco-friendly, sustainable future.

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