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Solar PV Battery Storage: Marks out of 10 for the Powerwall 2

Erica Charles 08 Sep 2017


In the past 12 months, Tesla has generated unprecedented interest in home battery storage, and in particular solar PV battery storage, both in the US and in the UK. Their latest product, Powerwall 2, has spearheaded a 50% drop in the cost per kWh of storage capacity, whilst achieving an aesthetic that wouldn’t look out of place at Apple Inc.

Many of us hear mention of the word 'Tesla' and, as with Apple's iPhone, like kids in a candy store we want one ... a Tesla car, Tesla solar tiles, Tesla battery storage for solar panels...  but, are we right to 'want one'? More specifically, are YOU right to want one?

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Topics: Solar PV battery storage, Powerwall2

Now taking orders for EV charge points

ID 13 Jul 2017

Get a generous £500 government grant towards your EV charger installation.

Spirit Solar engineers are now approved to install electric vehicle charge points, and claim the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) grant on behalf of our customers.

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Thinking about  battery storage for solar panels?

Author 13 Jul 2017

Anyone thinking about getting battery storage for solar panels, should monitor their electricity usage for at least 3 months using a specialist energy monitoring device.

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Topics: Smappee monitoring, Monitor home electricity use

PV Troubleshooting - High Voltage

ID 13 Jul 2017

Have you checked your solar monitoring system recently?

High grid voltage could be affecting the performance of your solar PV

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